GSC Game World: 'We will do our best to continue'

Stalker studio on brink of closure

Stalker developer GSC Game World is on the brink of closure after reporting “nothing is certain” about its future.

The Ukraine-based studio responded to earlier reports about its closure via Twitter stating that it was in fact still in business, but unsure for how long.

“We will do our best to continue. However, at this moment, nothing is certain,” read a statement.

The number of employees at GSC is believed to be between 40 and 50 staff.

The news also puts into doubt the development of Stalker 2, announced last August for PC.

UkraNews had earlier reported that founder Serhii Hryhorovych had told staff at a meeting on Friday that the studio would be closed.

The sources claimed that employees were promised that their salaries would be paid before February of next year.

The Stalker franchise has spawned a prequel and sequel in the shape of Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat, with the entire series selling over four million copies in total.

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