Starbreeze acquires Enterspace VR for £1.8m

Swedish based develop and publisher Starbreeze has acquired Enterspace, a virtual reality company that builds on-locaiton experiences in the medium.

The deal sees the company purchased for 20 MSEK (million Swedish Krona), which is just over £1.8 million. Starbreeze is also providing Enterspace with a loan, which will help the developer stengthen its financial position.

The 2016 start-up Enterspace has 14 employees and creates VR experiences that are based in a specific locations like VR centres. The company is set to open its first VR Experience centre in Stockholm, Sweden later this year. The site is a large virtual experience space of around 9600 square foot.

Part of the deal will also mean that the Enterspace location projects will run on Starbreeze’s StarVR headsets. Starbreeze has previous experpierence in developing VR and have been trying to push their out-of-home VR projects over the last twelve months after a partnership. In Novemeber, Starbreeze partnered with IMAX to bring VR experiences to their cinemas andwas struck last year.

"We’re creating virtual experiences that anyone with a curious mind can enjoy, said Enterspace founder, Staffan Klashed. "The technology itself is amazing and takes over your physical world. We’re adding stories and themes that inspire, amaze, and at times even educate. Stories that will have an impact on the visitor – whether it’s a thought, a discovery, or a feeling."

"The Enterspace team brings technology and content that is very well suited for entertainment and that also have an educational touch," added Starbreeze CEO, Bo Andersson Klint. "We see that Enterspace fits our VR ecosystem perfectly and are looking forward to seeing the StarVR Virtual Reality HMD being utilized in their business."

Starbreeze are currently set to publish System Shock 3 and Psychonauts 2, but have previously released Payday 2, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Dead by Daylight and Overkill’s The Walking Dead.

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