Martin Kenwright's studio working on CyberCook for Samsung Gear VR

Starship releases demo of virtual reality cooking simulator

Liverpool-based developer has revealed its first virtual reality project: a first-person cooking simulator designed to encourage people to experiment a little more in their kitchen.

Available now on the Samsung Gear VR app store, CyberCook Taster is a sample of what the studio is planning to do with the full title. It talks players through various different recipes one step at a time, showing them a virtual version of how their meal should look as they prepare their ingredients.

Mastering each recipe unlocks more, and players interact with a variety of simulated utensils to learn different cooking techniques.

The full CyberCook platform will enable uses to buy real ingredients and cooking equipment from within the app. A non-VR demo, CyberCook Slice, is also due for mobile devices.

"CyberCook dispels the fear of experimenting in the ktichen," says CEO Martin Kenwright. "You’re involved with every stage of the cookery process. Why learn from a video when you can practice hands-on and without a single bit of waste?

"In a couple of years, we’ll reach new levels of realism. We’re proud to work with partners like Oculus and Samsung so early on in the VR lifecycle on a Gear VR exclusive."

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