Intel Developer Blog: The firm's details its new tools for creating apps with different engines

Start developing HTML5 and hybrid apps with the free Intel XDK

The Intel® XDK provides a number of key tools for developers to create cross-platform HTML5 and hybrid apps. Features include quick start templates for app design, emulators and debuggers and publishing tools to package your app for a wide range of app stores. And its recent updates provide further advantages for game developers in particular.

The Intel XDK allows you to develop 2D HTML apps using different game engines, including Cocos2d 2, Cocos 2d-JS 3 and Phaser. You can choose to build your app for a particular platform or make a web app, and you have templates for standard HTML5 and HTML5 + Cordova when creating your new game app as a project. 

One of the key features for game developers is the updated Game Asset Manager tool. This gives you a central place to view your game app’s assets. It will appear as a column on the left, with dropdown options and a menu to select the various images or animations you may want to use in your app. By clicking on the brackets icon you can find a code snippet, which you can copy and paste using the Clipboard icon, into your project’s JavaScript, HTML5 or CSS file.

So, if you’re considering developing a game – or you just want a faster way to develop, debug and publish your app, why not download Intel XDK for free, install it, and then get started on developing your app!

This blog post is written bySofttalkblog, and is sponsored by the Intel Developer Zone, which helps you to develop, market and sell software and apps for prominent platforms and emerging technologies powered by Intel Architecture.

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