IT specialists d-Studio tell us why they've joined the app market

Start-Up Spotlight: d-Studio

The rise of mobile apps has turned many heads in technology industry.

And not least Ukrainian software company d-Studio.

They’ve had over 10 years experience ingratiating IT infrastructures to businesses and porting software from Windows to Mac. They’ve worked with several clients from their home country and aboard, including Helicon Soft and

Project manager Rustam Gumerov explained to us why d-Studio is now exploring opportunities in app development.

How did you start your company?
Main reason for creating the d-Studio, Ltd. company was to gather together a group of experts who have similar ideas, plans for the future and a great desire to do what they like in software development.

How many people work at your company?
15 people on a full-time basis.

Tell us a little-known fact or anecdote about your company.
The funny fact is that our publishing team was formed in a quite curious way. One member of our team asked his kids what new game do they want him to download on iPad. The answer was Jigsaw Puzzle which surprised him very much as there were already a few of such apps installed. When he asked the reason of such choice, his children answered that all that jigsaw apps are not comfortable to play and that it is better play with real ones. Later, after consultation, we decided to start a new for us, as a type of work project – make a jigsaw puzzle game which will have the most realistic and the most natural controls.

What could you, and/or your team members, not do without on a daily basis?
Coffee, tea and Macs.

Why did you decide to enter the casual gaming market?
We had just decided to make our first game – TwistIt, which is a casual game – as a test project. Despite the fact that it wasn’t very successful it was our start.

What games/tools/services have you made since forming, and how have they been received?
d-Studio, Ltd. was porting software products from the Windows platform to Mac, like Helicon Focus for Helicon Soft, Ltd. As for projects of our publishing team: TwistIt, TwistIt HD, Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle. As for the rest, as the main focus of d-Studio, Ltd. is offshore outsourcing services, the main part of the projects we make are confidential.

What are you working on right now, and what stage is the project at?
Now our publishing team is preparing a new version of Join It – Jigsaw Puzzle, and also making two new games.

What are your aspirations for the company?
The immediate objective for the future is to qualitatively increase the number of employees up to a hundred people and to develop applications which will stick in the App Store Top 10 – that is a minimum of what we want.

Who do you admire in the games industry and/or beyond?
By usability and appearance, we try to take an example from Apple. As for the rest, we live with our mind.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your company?
d-Studio, Ltd. is well-established IT company that specialises in the offshore outsourcing services. We offer assistance in developing software projects: planning and managing a project, finding experts according to the project’s requirements, creating professional team for accomplishing the project.

The company is basically specialised on developing software products for the Mac OS X platform and cross-platform development. We have a significant experience in Darwin, Mac OS X, porting from Windows to Mac OS X. However, we have experienced professionals ready to develop software products for Windows as well. We also have experts in C/C++, Objective-C, Perl, Python, PHP, and etc.

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