Steam hits 18.5m concurrent users

Steam has hit a new record of 18.5m concurrent users, with a record high number of people logged into the platform on Saturday.

This new peak is four million higher than the amount of concurrent users logged in January 2017, with seven million users playing the game at any given time. This means more people were logged into Steam than living in Chile (18,054,726) and it appears, at least in part, to be PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fault.

At the time of the peak, around three million people were playing PUBG, which is 16% of all users logged in and around 42% of all in-game users. While that’s not the only reason Steam is experiencing rapid growth, it’s probably a significant factor as the game destroys every known benchmark for popularity on the platformer.

These figures come from Steam Database, and it seems 2017 – 2018 was the largest year of growth for the PC platform ever. No wonder Valve doesn’t make PC games anymore, eh?

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