Alden Kroll, a Valve UI designer, writes about the Discovery 2.0 update.

Steam reveals Discovery 2.0 has resulted in 46% more games shown to customers

Steam has revealed on its developer forum that its Discovery 2.0 update has resulted in 46% more games being shown on the store’s front page, with the Discovery 2.0 update having had a pronounced effect on discoverability.

The Discovery 2.0 update was launched last year, and brought sweeping changes to the way games are recommended to consumers with several algorithms and options, with the aim of taking care of Steam’s discoverability problem, something many indie developers have sought to highlight in recent years.

"Refining our discovery algorithms has allowed us to increase visibility for more titles, most notably exposing smaller titles to the right audiences," wrote Valve’s UI designer Alden Kroll, in his post about the discoverability update that you can read in its entirety on GameSutra.

Supposedly, Discovery 2.0 has also increased purchases from Steam’s main capsule has increased by 27% and the ‘Recommendation by friends’ area of the store has seen a conversion rate of 15%, which is the most successful area of the entire store.

Steam is facing real discoverability issues as more games have launched in 2016 than in any year previously, with nearly double the amount of games launching in 2016 compared to 2015.

Curious developers should check out the complete blog on Gamasutra, which offers a lot of decent insights, along with some other statements that perhaps might raise some eyebrows

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