Exclusive tutorial from Serco Usability Services on making motion control intuitive

Study reveals control expectations for Wii gamers

In an exclusive tutorial for developmag.com, Ben Weedon, a senior consultant at Serco Usability Services, reveals the natural expectations of gamers playing the Wii.

In the tutorial Weedon explains the results of Serce’s research, which involved observing people playing Wii launch titles and noting their assumptions regarding the new control system. By breaking down the Wiimote into its individual functions, the article goes through assumptions that gamers make about each button and capability of the Wiimote and nunchuck controllers.

One of the major points of the article is that designers must focus on the most intuitive way of performing an action rather one that showcases off the Wii’s functions. Using the example of Red Steel unintuitively requiring users to mimic opening a door to perform the action in the game, Weedon explains how motions should be created around gameplay rather than the other way around.

For more, check out the article here.

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