It's losing 3.9 million players a week, but it's not so bad

Study shows Pokémon Go has a higher retention rate than Clash of Clans

Pokémon GO might be losing millions of players, but according to research data from SurveyMonkey Intelligence, it has a retention rate to match many of the top mobile games.

According to SurveyMonkey Intelligence, who compared Pokémon GO’s weekly retention between August 30th and September 28th with four other top mobile games, rumours of the game’s demise are greatly exaggerated.

The four games in the comparison were Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga and Words with Friends. Pokémon GO retained users better than Subway Surfers and Clash of Clans, but was beaten by Candy Crush Saga and Words with Friends. One thing to note here though is that while the games compared have roughly 10 million, Pokémon GO had nearly 50 million at its peak. So, while Clash of Clans is losing only 960 thousand players a week, Pokémon GO is losing closer to 3.9 million users a week.

This goes some way to explaining the "Pokémon GO is losing 4 million players a week" headlines, but this new research shows it’s not performing as poorly as some speculation suggests, and in fact, still has plenty more players to churn through.

In the SurveyMonkey Intelligence article, which you can see here, an anonymous mobile games executive reportedly said " “I’ve never seen anything close to that. Phenomenal.” (This person asked not to be named, since mobile game companies closely guard their retention data."

SurveyMonkey Intelligence have concluded that this we could see Pokémon GO near the top of the most used charts for a long time to come.

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