Texturing tool available as a free plug-in

Substance Engine comes to Unreal Engine 4

Allegorithmic’s texturing toolset Substance Engine has been integrated into Unreal Engine 4.

The deal means the tech will be available as a free plug-in to all UE4 developers.

Combined with the engine’s rendering tech, the tool is designed to help artists rapidly iterate on textures directly inside UE4, reduce download sizes and enable developers to modify textures at runtime.

Allegorithmic will also soon make pre-made substances such as filters, textures and mini-tools available on the Unreal Engine 4 marketplace.

“Unreal Engine 4 is going to help the game industry transition to a Physically-based rendering world,” said Allegorithmic CEO Sébastien Deguy.

“Game developer tools and pipelines have to adapt to this new paradigm which has become a requirement to upscale visual quality. Our physically based workflow in UE4 will finally give the modern game artist the realism next-gen games demand.”

Epic founder Tim Sweeney added: “We’re thrilled to see Allegorithmic leading the way by making Substance Engine available to the entire UE4 community.

"Epic’s release of the complete UE4 source code creates an unprecedented opportunity for integration of great middleware products like this. The community can use these features and help shape the future direction of the engine.”

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