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Survios bringing Raw Data to VRcades to attract new players

Raw Data developers Survios have announced plans to release an arcade-optimised version of their popular VR shooter Raw Data for virtual reality arcades.

Raw Data was one of the big virtual reality success stories, becoming the first VR game to sell 1m units in its first month on sale. It seems like having made an impact among Vive owners, and now Survios have joined the growing list of developers that are interested in trying to use the concept of a VRCade as a means to woo more players into overcoming their worries and becoming virtual reality adopters.

"The resurgence of arcades is a welcome development in the virtual reality arena," said Survios’ vice president of business development, Ben Kim. "VR arcades provide an easy entry point for consumers curious about premium VR technology."

He’s no doubt mentioning the downturn in virtual reality sales, caused by a lack of virtual reality adoption. A large part of this has been blamed on sticker shock, namely the high cost of individual units and the general public’s lack of understanding when it comes to the capabiilities of virtual reality. Survios have also mentioned the possibility of helping other virtual reality developers step into the arcade through a publishing imprint in the near future.

Just under a year ago, Payday 2 developer Starbreeze announced a plan to build their own premium VR arcade, puntastically dubbed the StarCade.

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