Epic Boss says virtual reality, unlike 3D movies and television, "can be done perfectly"

Sweeney: VR won’t repeat 3DTV failure

Virtual reality will not follow in the footsteps of 3D TV and fall by the wayside.

That’s according to Epic boss Tim Sweeney, who told Game Informer that VR addresses the fundamental flaw that meant 3D TV was doomed from the start.

"3D televisions were this concept that could never really work properly," he argued. "You have a screen in a physical location in the world and there is only one point where that is going to look right for the viewer. If you are further away from that point, then your eyes are converging on the wrong location and that’s completely wrong and if you’re off center from the point it’s going to look completely wrong.

“So everything about the 3D movies is wrong unless you are standing in one magical position and that’s kind of an abomination that the content industry and the movie industry especially never recognized how wrong that was and when it had marketing on all these products with a deeply flawed experience, you’re going to have very high expectations of reality. The moment you go beyond just a 2D image on a screen your brain circuits kick in that this is supposed to be reality and if it is not perfect it is incredibly jarring.

"With VR you are in that one magical position, your eyes are properly located relative to the screen so you have to control of each frame of the image for every viewer of the game which does not happen with a lot of people sitting in a theatre and so it can be done perfectly."

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