‘There have been rounds of layoffs over the past few months and through it all, the team stayed focused and passionate,’ says artist Ben Leary, while praising ‘efforts and transparency’ of president Dan O’Leary

Sword Coast Legends and Geist dev N-Space closes after two decades

Veteran console and PC studio N-Space has shut its doors after 21 years in the development business.

The American developer was founded in 1994 by Erick S Dyke, Dan O’Leary, and Sean Purcell, and went on to create GameCube shooter Geist, as well as multiple Call of Duty adaptations for the Nintendo DS.

Its latest release was Dungeons and Dragons spin-off Sword Coast Legends, launched last year for PC.

Confirming that the closure followed several rounds of layoffs, studio artist Ben Leary thanked president O’Leary for his “efforts and transparency during the process” on Twitter.

“The in-house staff has worked long and hard to keep this from happening,” Leary wrote.

“Through it all, the team stayed focused and passionate. The fact that the news of this situation has been kept in-house all this time speaks to the testament of class, respect and professional of the N-Space staff.

“I’d like to take this moment to publicly thank N-Space president Dan O’Leary for his efforts and transparency throughout the process. There wasn’t much incentive to keep us in the loop besides making sure the staff could take steps to protect their own best interests.”

Commenting on his own position, Leary added: “While Gunstruction will live on, I want to make games. It my passion. So as I will continue full time [remote] work, I am now official pursuing other employment opportunities and commissions.”

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