UK developer Eutechnyx on what it looks for in graduates applying for its Level Up Academy

Taking your game internship application to the next level

Our award-winning Level Up Academy offers graduates the opportunity to work on cross-platform projects and gain mentoring from industry leaders. Working on real game and technology projects, graduates have the unique chance to fast track their career in the industry.

Competition for a place on the Academy is tough and submitting a CV & covering letter is only half of the process. Here’s how you can push your application to the next level:


We want applications from individuals with a passion for games & technology, students who have already pushed themselves to achieve their academic goals and are ready to take the next step into the commercial sector.

It’s easy to identify these individuals – they are the students who come along to the careers fair in their first year at University to ask employers what they need to do to stand out. They are the individuals who are first to enquire about voluntary testing opportunities at the studio and they attend industry events in the local area to network. Exceling at their academic work is normally a matter of course for them, they look beyond the curriculum to identify opportunities to make their application stand out.


Many Universities offer students of games related courses the opportunity to work across disciplines, grouping together Programmers, Artists & Designers for project work.

This is something that we love to see at Eutechnyx and we encourage applicants to submit both individual and group demos when applying. The ability to work in cross-discipline teams is essential to what we do at Eutechnyx. We have four divisions – Online, Console, Mobile & ZeroLight Technology – and each requires a diverse functional mix from Tech Programmers to Community Managers to Animators. A group demo mimics this and is a real bonus to your application – it proves that you’re able to work in diverse teams, communicate effectively with others and manage your time to achieve deadlines.

If your University doesn’t offer this option, take the initiative and speak to fellow students to get your own group together. There are plenty of student competitions such as Dare to be Digital and Make It Unreal which provide a great focus for this type of project.


All applicants must submit a demo when applying to Level Up. Yes, you must get your CV right but your demo is the most important aspect of the process.

Your demo is where you can really stand out and is often how you can secure an interview. It’s your responsibility to submit a working, polished & bug free demo – think about the whole package, implement full game cycle, produce a menu and provide your source code.

Approach your demo from a player’s perspective, is it obvious how the game should be played? If not add a readme file or a brief description in your introduction. Does it have the fun factor? Will our senior team love playing it? All of these elements contribute to a successful demo.

Passion combined with quality is the killer combination at Eutechnyx. Okay isn’t good enough at Eutechnyx, we want to be blown away by a top class demo.

Commercial Awareness

Level Up isn’t just searching for a great programmer or a talented artist; we’re also searching for the next generation of Eutechnyx leaders. The scheme has already proven that motivated graduates can excel rapidly and achieve personal success in a short space of time. Our Tech Directors started out as placement students, design graduates have become fully fledged Game Designers within two years & a number of our Lead Artists fast-tracked through the Academy to manage their own projects.

Being a great leader is more than excelling in your chosen field. It’s understanding where the industry is going and getting to grips with the ever-changing nature of games. We’re looking for individuals who can prove that they know and understand the latest trends in gaming and technology, pitch the next big game idea and identify emerging technologies.

Get the small stuff right

An error in your covering email or CV will instantly put your application on the back foot so ensure that these small but essential aspects of the application process do not let you down.

Submit a clear, accurate CV listing your relevant academic qualifications first (including your final year grades). Include any work experience you’ve completed in games, any beta tests you’ve participated in and events you’ve attended. Provide a link to your demo and check that everything works before you press send on your application.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2014 Academy. Successful graduates will receive an individually tailored package of training whilst making an immediate impact on the Eutechnyx portfolio of products. Previous Academy graduates have enjoyed the opportunity to attend games conferences and tradeshows, as well as international travel to locations such as Japan, USA & Germany.

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To apply for a place on the Level Up Academy please send your CV, covering letter & demo to Erin Turnbull

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