New tool helps developers focus on revenue and engagement with mobile games

Tapjoy launches marketing automation and monetisation platform

Mobile firm Tapjoy has launched a new platform designed to help freemium developers improve the value of their players by combining analytics, automated marketing and in-app purchases.

Catchily titled the Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform, the suite of tools also introduces Tapjoy’s Future Value Map, which uses data to predict the future behaviour of individual users and calculate when an IAP promotion, advertisement or engagement message is most likely to engage them – and, more importantly, not drive them away from your game.

The platform also helps devs introduce rewarded advertising, which grants users an in-game reward – usually virtual currency – if they watch a video ad or click on a promotion.

“Freemium app developers understand that the vast majority of their revenue comes from a very small percentage of users,” said Tapjoy CEO and president Steve Wadsworth.

“Tapjoy’s Marketing Automation and Monetization Platform helps optimize the revenue from those proven spenders, while also uncovering more spenders and increasing engagement and ad-based monetization from the rest of their audience. 

"With Tapjoy’s Future Value Map, developers can now predict the lifetime value of all of their users, and initiate personalized in-app experiences that maximize the engagement and revenue potential of every user.”

You can find out more at Tapjoy’s GDC Expo booth, No.814.

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