The president of the Game Developer Association of Australia says tax breaks would help the local industry treble in size.

Tax breaks could help Oz dev scene triple is size

In Australia, the Federal Government awards tax breaks and grants to the TV and film industries, but games developers miss out – something the GDAA has been lobbying to change for four years.

Because studios go without support, Tom Crago the association president, says local games studios are being held back.

"At present we have a thriving video game development industry in Australia, but it’s driven by overseas funds and in turn the profits from Australian-developed titles ultimately end up overseas," he said in a report on Australian site The Age.

"A better investment and regulatory environment here would see more Australian-owned intellectual property, more jobs in the local industry and increased exports of Australian games. We have a wonderful comparative advantage here in Australia over many of our competitors offshore. We’re not capitalising on that at present."

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