Traveller's Tales programmer Alan Murta on industry convergence

Technological gulf between TV and games is ‘continually diminishing’

Talking to Develop in an interview about games development’s convergence with other mediums, Traveller’s Tales senior tools programmer Alan Murta has suggested the gulf between the industries is shrinking.

Speaking about the fact that larger budgets mean advances in CGI and animation are often lead by the TV and film industries, Marta said: "There is certainly a convergence in what is achievable in related disciplines, and both are using shared tools and approaches to tackling effectively the same problems. The only difference is one of scale, and this distinction is continually diminishing."

In the full interview, which focuses on the creation of What’s Your News?, a joint effort between Traveller’s Tales and children’s TV guru Jocelyn Stevenson, Murta and the BAFTA-award winning television creative also discuss the benefits and future of convergence.

To read the full interview, click here.

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