What would a game series based on The Sopranos look like, asks studio CEO

Telltale seeks TV franchise expansion

Telltale Games’ success in episodic gaming sphere has spurred the Californian studio to develop further game adaptations of popular TV franchises.

The studio’s co-founder and CEO Dan Connors told Develop that the group is “looking to engage more franchises, including those that are more topical and relevant in the current entertainment world.”

As well as working on the Sam & Max and Tales of Monkey Island titles, Telltale has signed deals to develop episodic games based around the CSI and Wallace & Gromit franchises. But now the studio is interested in spreading its reach further.

Said Conners: “We want to work with great characters to tell great stories. We feel like there’s an opportunity to engage new audiences by creating interactive versions of the worlds, characters and stories that they love.

“That’s the big opportunity for us. What should a Da Vinci Code game look like, or The Sopranos?” he asked. “How can you pull those fans into the interactive world?”

Elsewhere in the interview, which you can read in full here, Conners spoke of the studio’s rapid expansion as the episodic content.

“We’ve gone from ten people to 75 people in four years,” he said, “so obviously we have to be generating the revenue to fund all of that.

“The continued growth of the company indicates success and you’re going to see more growth in the year ahead in terms of the size of the franchises and the amount of games that we’re doing and the fact that we have multiple, fresh episodes appearing every month.

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