EA Sports boss and former Xbox chief says Rare actually has lots of 'flair and creativity'

That sound you hear? It’s Peter Moore backpedalling

Peter Moore has moved to quash previous comments he made last week regarding UK studio Rare.

Last week UK newspaper The Guardian quoted him as saying "the industry had past Rare by" when looking back on his time leading the Xbox business, which owns the team, in a wide-ranging interview.

But today Moore, who now runs EA Sports, has published a follow-up statement in the newspaper which praises the ‘flair and creativity’ of Rare and other Microsoft-owned studios.

He had said: "Perfect Dark Zero was a launch title and didn’t do as well as Perfect Dark, but we were trying all kinds of classic Rare stuff and unfortunately I think the industry had past Rare by – it’s a strong statement but what they were good at, new consumers didn’t care about anymore.

“It was tough because they were trying very hard – Chris and Tim Stamper were still there – to try and recreate the glory years of Rare, which is the reason Microsoft paid a lot of money for them. And I spent a lot of time getting on a train to Twycross to meet them. Great people. But their skillsets were from a different time and a different place and were not applicable in today’s market.”

But in the new statement, he moved to add context to the comments, saying: "I am so fortunate to have been part of this industry at a time of technological advances that have changed the way we all play games. I am especially fortunate to have spent 4½ exhilarating years at Microsoft, working with some of the most passionate, smartest people I have ever had the honour and privilege of working with. I guess you have to work there to truly appreciate what a unique and special company Bill and Steve have built, and I think gamers need to fully appreciate the positive impact that the Xbox consoles, and in particular Xbox Live, have had on our industry. I worked with a team of people so special and so near and dear to my heart, that not a day goes by where I don’t miss them in some way.

"Same with our studios – the flair and creativity of Rare, the sheer brilliance and focus of Bungie, the game-changing team at Lionhead, and all of the other brilliantly-talented teams that helped drive hardware sales with great software."

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