Industry veteran admits to trying to have her husband killed… in Doom

That time Brenda took out a hit on John Romero

John and Brenda Romero get very competitive – particularly at video games.

While Brenda remains undefeated at Drop7 and has held her own in Ghost Recon, she has (unsurprisingly) never been able to beat John at Doom.

So she took a hit out on him.

In an in-depth and personal interview with Develop, the couple reminisced about about a deathmatch between John and Brenda’s virtual hitman.

“I got a professional player, a really famous one, to take him on – and John still f**king beat him," Brenda told Develop. "Although, it was amazing to watch.”

The Doom match was set up where the winner would be the first to fifty points, and both combatants were close up to around 35 points.

“I was filming John’s reaction and he suddenly said: ‘I’ve got him’. I asked him what he meant later, and he told me he ‘patterned’ this player’. That’s what he does: he works out your pattern, the routes you take through the level.

“Pro players know not to get patterned, but if you give John a big enough set, you’ll realise that 30 per cent of the time you are following a pattern.

“Once he’d patterned him, it was a beautiful murder fest all the way up to fifty. The pro player was dead, dead, dead, dead. It ended at something like 37 to 50.

“So yeah, I tried to take out a shooter hit on him and it failed.”

You can read the full interview, Life with the Romeros, by clicking here.

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