â??Games are mostly action. Most focus on primal feelingsâ?

ThatGameCompany calls on devs to diversify

Jenova Chen, creative director at ThatGameCompany, wants to see the videogame development community produce a more diverse spectrum of software.

Speaking in a feature interview with Kotaku, Chen (pictured) claims that “games need different hues of colour.”

“Novels and films have many different genres,” he said.

“Games are mostly action. Most focus on primal feelings. And the industry is constantly producing Hollywood summer blockbusters."

ThatGameCompany is of course known for applying less traditional themes to its games. The Santa Monica-based developer’s debut title took play into an abstract Petri dish, while its most recent PSN title, Flower, focuses on gliding petals through fields.

Chen’s idea for the latter game was to use the PS3 as “a portal into your living room”, and he now explains that the developer is hard at work on its third title.

“This new game is slightly larger and more of a challenge. The game concept is big. It’s risky,” said Chen.

Image: Kotaku.

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