'The launch of any online game these days has potential issues. But I hope that players will be encouraged by our open approach'

The Crew lead designer confident of smooth launch

The Crew’s lead game designer has expressed his confidence that the multiplayer racing title will get a stable launch despite the recent problematic release of Ubisoft’s own Assassin’s Creed Unity and various online titles from other publishers.

Unity, led by Ubisoft Montreal, was released with a host of bugs including disappearing faces and characters falling through the ground. The reaction to the state of the game was such that the publisher has offered free DLC to players.

Games from other publishers, including Sony’s Driveclub, have also suffered from unstable servers following the release of the game, a problem increasingly seen in online titles unable to cope with a large influx of players.

The Crew and Ivory Tower studio lead game designer Serkan Hasan told The Metropolist however that The Crew has benefitted from a long-term beta program with thousands of players “designed specifically to push our infrastructure as fast as possible in real world situations”.

He conceded any online game could still face issues come full release, but hopes to have eased fears through its beta testing.

“The launch of any online game these days has potential issues,” said Hasan.

“But I hope that players will be encouraged by our open approach. If you had any doubts that we could pull this off, I hope that the betas proved our credentials and the game’s stability.”

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