Develop 100 2021

The DEVELOP 100 returns on the 6th of January – celebrating the most successful studios around the world

We are standing on the brink of a new console generation. Mobile games are performing better than ever before. Even VR looks to have found a steady industry footing with Quest 2. It’s been a terrible year, but the industry is looking stronger than ever.

No better time than the present then to look at the most successful game creators on the planet. And so we’re bringing back the DEVELOP 100 – with huge thanks to our partner Virtuos.

For those unfamiliar, it’s a simple concept: a list of the top 100 studios in the world, a list of the most successful creators of games today, to inform everyone about where success can be found.

We’ve worked with the very best providers of industry data to collate the list. This isn’t simply a listicle based upon the opinions of a handful of industry insiders, instead we’ll be using revenue data from major markets around the world to create a definitive list of the best.

Our team will then provide context and insight into every featured company, with the list being published in print and online at the beginning of January.

Gilles Langourieux, CEO of Virtuos, commented: “We’re delighted to be partnering with MCV/Develop to bring back the Develop 100 in 2021. Since the last Develop 100 ran in 2015, the games industry has seen brilliant innovation and growth, and we’re excited to see which new developers break through onto this year’s prestigious list. We can’t wait to celebrate these top studios from around the world, and shine a light on how they’re working to bring fantastic games and new experiences to more people than ever before.”

While we’re sure all the big names will feature, there are many, many more success stories that may have passed you by too. We’re hoping that we discover success in many unforeseen places, and that the list acts as a directory for excellence, a broadening of all our horizons. We hope it lets us see there are opportunities for success that we hadn’t considered before – and which provide further opportunities for many.

If you’re interested in getting involved in The DEVELOP 100, we’re still open to partners who have data and analysis to offer, as well anyone who thinks that it might marry well with their goals for success in 2021. Get in contact with for more details.

About Seth Barton

Seth Barton is the editor of MCV – which covers every aspect of the industry: development, publishing, marketing and much more. Before that Seth toiled in games retail at Electronics Boutique, studied film at university, published console and PC games for the BBC, and spent many years working in tech journalism. Living in South East London, he divides his little free time between board games, video games, beer and family. You can find him tweeting @sethbarton1.

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