Strong response to motion control interface game suite leaves Sony hopeful for an expanded version

The Playroom PS4 tech demo may see commercial release

Sony is contemplating developing its PlayStation 4 tech demo The Playroom into a full consumer release.

The demo, conceived by both hardware and software teams within Sony so as to demonstrate the PS4’s various inputs and control methods to the trade and press, met with great interest at E3, and as a result may be expanded to reach a wider audience, reports Polygon.

The website quotes SCEA senior producer Tsubasa Inaba at a recent New York event stating: "Conceptionally it follows the DNA of [the PS Vita’s] Welcome Park. That’s actually the perfect example. Our R&D teams for hardware and our software teams worked to put that application together. It was a very similar situation for this one."

According to the report, Sony is now considering releasing the collection of toy-like games to a public that it was never desitned for. And Inaba claimed The Playroom is already inspiring other internal teams to craft titles for the package.

Asked if the game suite would come pre-installed on the PS4, Inaba said: "Perhaps. We hope to have a more definitive answer to that question in the next month or two."

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