When Testology opened the doors of its new compliance facility, it made sure it got things right

The test of the best

When Testology established its compliance facility it was something of an inevitability for the long-experienced testing and QA firm.

As a company focused intently on customer satisfaction, the development of the compliance offering was essential in realising Testology’s vision of delivering an all-encompassing and unrivalled service.

“We want to be able to offer a complete QA service,” explains Testology MD Andy Robson.

“We have excelled in the functionality and consultancy sectors in recent years and felt it time to translate the same excellence into compliance. Expanding, while maintaining the same level of quality, was a natural progression because of our ability to recruit the very best compliance technicians.”

Developers and publishers have in fact always approached Testology with compliance enquiries, but the team at the Hampshire outfit wanted, with certainty, to be able to offer the highest possible level of service in that capacity before opening the doors on a dedicated facility.

Now that time has come, and Testology is the creator of a new, specialised and experienced department.

Born of a meticulous recruitment process, the highly-qualified compliance department at Testology has embraced the dedication to ‘first time passes’ that has long made the firm’s other QA and testing services perennially popular with a host of high-profile developers.

“With such a successful QA and consultancy department, we have ensured that our new departments provide the same level of excellence,” states Robson.

“The appeal lies in Testology’s dedication to quality, our employees’ passionate approach to every task and project, and the compliance department’s level of developmental experience. We have all the required tools, software, hardware, and peripherals that are needed to run through specific compliance checks. Moreover we have the skill and knowledge to use them correctly against the compliance check.”

To that end Testology has appointed an extremely experienced veteran in QA manager Justin Amore. He will oversee the outfit, calling on his wealth of knowledge of the compliance process to ensure that the expectation of quality Testology delivers on will be translated into the new department.
“We have assembled a compliance team that has a proven track record of getting titles through submission first time, on all platforms,” confirms Amore.

“Our compliance team has a full and comprehensive understanding of all Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft compliance standards, are well-versed in all the required testing tools and boast the skills to replicate the platform holders testing environment.
“We have the experience and capabilities to make a title as compliant as possible, making us supremely confident that our client’s titles will have a strong chance of passing first time.”

Certain that its experience in testing is unparalleled, Testology boasts an impressive portfolio of past clients, including Lionhead Studios; something that has given it the kind of experience it can leverage in its compliance role.

“Our staffs’ careers have been defined by award-winning titles, allowing expectations for our ‘testing departments’ to be translated into quality compliance,” states Robson, who is fiercely proud of what his company and workforce have achieved.

“Testing and compliance share the same goal to assure quality. Our functionality teams and compliance teams all work towards that same level of excellence.”

This year Testology’s effort in raising the bar in the QA sector was recognised with a Develop Award. The Best Services accolade was accepted on stage to a level of applause typical of that reserved for big name developers, demonstrating how popular Testology has become with its client base. That fact hasn’t bred complacency though, and Testology is acutely aware of the industry’s fickle nature.

“Reputations are fragile,” confirms Robson. “They can sway depending on the quality of service. We are 100 per cent committed to maintaining our excellent reputation and record with customers in the future, including within our compliance department. Our reputation and record support our decision to expand and offer the industry even more quality services within our areas of expertise.”

To demonstrate its confidence in its compliance service, Testology is now offering its first five clients a 25 per cent discount, marking a generous reduction on what the firm insists is an immensely competitive rate. Those people interested in Testology’s compliance services, or in any of the QA services it can offer, can contact Robson directly at arobson@testology.co.uk.


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