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The top 100 tech in games revealed

Our comprehensive run-down of the top tech and tools used in games is now live.

The Develop 100 Tech List features profiles on the top 100 game development tech, as voted for by CTOs at the biggest studios, indies and other industry experts.

Included are game engines, VR technologies, gaming platforms, graphics and rendering tools and much more.

Curious who made the list? The Develop 100 is available through your browser or within the Develop magazine app on the Apple Newsstand.

The Tech List is completely free to view and download.

The Develop 100 Tech List is published in association with Testronic.

Over 45 judges – a mix of industry tech experts, platform holders, studio CTOs and independent developers – voted on the nominations for the Develop 100 Tech list in order to rank them. Develop is very grateful for their support and help:

Alexis Khouri, Allegorithmic; Alex Boucher, Develop; Adam Kocoloski, Cloudant; Aj Grand-Scrutton, Dlala Studios; Alan Roberts, Playground Games; Alexandre Pechev, Ikinema; Andrew Oliver, Radiant Worlds; Borislav Petrov, Thinkbox Software; Brett Paterson, Firelight Technologies; Charles Hollemeersch, Graphine Software; Chris Doran, Geomerics; Chris Jenner, Ubisoft Reflections; Chris King, Interactive Data; Chris Kingsley, Rebellion; Craig Chapple, Develop; Craig Marr, Gamesparks; Darren Vine, Jury Rig Software; Dave Evans, PlayCanvas; Dave Gargan, Havok; David Fletcher, Train 2 Game; David Percival, Codemasters; David Smethurst, Team17; Frank Delise, Autodesk; Guy Davidson, Creative Assembly; Jens Schäfer, Crytek; Joe Davis, Imagination Technologies; Josh Klint, Leadwerks; Josh Williams, Upsight; Jake Turner, Crytek; James Batchelor, Develop; Mike Barwise, Marmalade; Mark Stanley, Microsoft; Martin Buchholz, Nintendo of Europe; Nizar Romdhane, ARM; Paul Doyle, Fabric Software; Paul Rayment, Dubit; Paul Ross, Three Fields Entertainment; Peter Busch, Faceware Technologies; Peter Tanner, Southpaw Technology; Rami Ismail, Vlambeer; Richard Davey, Photon Storm; Rick Vanner, The Game Creators; Russell Kay, Yo Yo Games; Seth Steiling, OptiTrack; Simon Mack, NaturalMotion; Simon Roth, Machine Studios; Steven Goodwin, SGX; Tulin Green, Perforce; Tuncay Cakmak, Cyberith

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