Head of worldwide studios Jack Sorensen says firm wants to become ubiquitous in games

THQ has ‘$400m’ to spend on games development

THQ vice president of worldwide studios Jack Sorensen has said that the publisher has over $400m to spend in the market – and that it is targeting the casual and mobile sectors for expansion.

Speaking to Gamespot, Sorensen said he wanted THQ to become the ‘ubiquity’ of gaming, adding that the firm has to “find more ways than just boxed products in the US and Europe in order to make the numbers interesting”.

“So we’ve got, what, $400 something million in the bank, and we can make our own decisions. We’re not going to go away; there’s no bet-the-farm aspect of our business. If we go and decide something’s not working, we still have the freedom to go in and still move forward afterward, so you’re going to see the continuation of that."

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