Nearly 900,000 purchases made at an average cost of $5.76

THQ Humble Bundle closes at $5m

The THQ Humble Bundle closed today garnering a record 885,000 purchases and raising nearly $5.1m.

Only Humble Indie Bundle V boasts a higher total dollar amount, and the margin is incredibly close.

THQ made headlines with its decision to launch a package on the pay-what-you-want platform.

Traditionally the domain of independent developers, the appearance of a major publisher on the Humble Bundle ruffled plenty of feathers.

This didn’t phase investors though, and THQ stock rallied by 40 percent on the first day after the bundle launched.

In a show of confidence, THQ president Jason Rubin personally donated $11,050 in two different payments to the campaign.

He was joined by CEO Brian Farrell, who contributed $1,650.

Though some were concerned THQ was devaluing its games by offering them at a user-set price, the company has been in desperate need of cash after years of heavy losses.

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