Former employees of bankrupt publisher pleased with new company, claims Mallat

THQ Montreal workers happy about purchase

Ubisoft Montreal chief executive Yannis Mallat says he got a warm reception from his new employees.

THQ Montreal was recently acquired by Ubisoft, and the relief was palpable as the executive visited their offices.

This may have been the first confirmation that the developers would keep their jobs, so a measure of enthusiasm is to be expected.

"This is the very first time in my life that I have come to a studio that was just newly acquired, given a speech to everyone, and then have everyone applaud," Mallat told the Financial Post.

"Today I asked people from the HR department at Ubisoft to come over and spend some time with the guys here so they can ask any questions they may have. It’s fair to say that the people here are pretty happy and that everything went well and hands were shaken and it’s just great."

Hundreds of jobs hang in the ballance in the wake of THQ’s assets being divided and sold piecemeal, and it can only be hoped that the news will be as good for other studios stuck in limbo.

For some, the outlook is bleak.

Vigil, the studio behind the Darksiders games, failed to attract a buyer, and the staff has already begun hunting for new jobs.

But for those at THQ Montreal, the news that their jobs – and South Park: The Stick of Truth – are safe is as close to a happy ending as can be expected of the collapse of gaming’s last middleweight publishers.

"We’re entering a phase where we’re going into a more thorough analysis of everything here," said Mallat, "and in the coming weeks we’ll make up a plan for continuing operations with this new studio."

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