Failed tablet 'won't be buried in the desert'

THQ plans to ship remaining uDraw units

THQ’s new president Jason Rubin has announced his company hopes to sell the remaining 1.4 million units of uDraw tablets that remain unshipped.

The failure of the uDraw cost the company $100 million, and led to a restructure which has seen several studios shuttered, projects cancelled, and hundreds of layoffs.

Rubin was not at the company at the time uDraw was released, but he still believes there are important lessons to be learned.

"Don’t create a drawing tablet right before they release an iPad," he told Polygon.

"That’s a pretty good takeaway. I’m not sure how that happened."

A price drop has resulted in better sales for the gaming tablet, and Rubin hopes to be rid of the remaining units by the holiday season.

"We won’t be burying these in the desert," he said, referencing Atari’s 1983 decision to bury 3 million unsold copies of ET in a desert landfill.

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