Colour display TinyScreen works in tandem with computer processor TinyDuino to build handheld

Thumb-sized game console trebles Kickstarter goal

A Kickstarter campaign for a thumbnail-sized OLED display that can be used with tiny computer parts to build a small game console has raised more than $47,000, trebling its goal of $15,000.

Called TinyScreen, the one inch screen, that displays a resolution of 96×64, can be used in conjunction with the TinyDuino platform and stackable components to build a handheld game console.

Games to be released for the system include Flappy Bird and Asteroids, and its creator TinyCircuits has promised more to come. Controls work by using either the four buttons along the side of the screen, or with the recently released Joystick TinyShield that offers two analog sticks.

As well as readily available games, Kickstarter backers are being encourage to create their own games and share them on the TinyCircuits website.

Other suggested functions of the screen and TinyDuino platform include building a smartwatch or streaming video.

All the software and hardware files for the TinyDuino platform and TinyScreen have been made available on the firm’s website for download and modification, and all the latest TinyScreen libraries, examples and standalone apps will be released on Codebender.

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