Absence of a Standard Industrial Classification leaving Ministers out the loop?

Tiga calls for more abundant industry data

Vocal trade body Tiga has made a call for the provision of more data on the UK video game industry to be provided to governmental ministers.

Stating a case for a focus on generating Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code, Tiga has today suggested that the government and policy makers may be unaware of the competitive threat facing the UK video games industry because of a lack of suitable data.

“Data on traditional manufacturing businesses is abundant, data for traditional financial services is substantial, but data for knowledge based industries like the video games sector is sparse," suggested Tiga CEO Richard Wilson. "This is a serious problem. If Ministers and policy makers cannot access reliable data, then they will find it difficult to reach rational policy conclusions.

“Tiga is willing and able to step up to the plate. We can and have filled this deficiency. Tiga research shows that the UK video games declined by 15 per cent in terms of companies between July 2008 and July 2009 and declined by 4 per cent in terms of headcount. Equally, we have been able to forecast the impact on the games industry with and without a games tax relief. With Tiga’s games tax relief we can expect to see 3,550 graduate level jobs created or safeguarded over 5 years. In its absence we forecast a loss of 1,674 comparable jobs."

Tiga made clear its perspective on the issue after a series of questions posed by Don Foster MP, the Liberal Democrats’ Shadow Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, apparently revealed that the Government has not measured the effect of the recession on the UK games industry.

“It is because Tiga has undertaken quality research with professional organisations such as Games Investor Consultancy that we are able to record the impact of the recession on the UK games industry and forecast the outlook for the sector with or without a Games Tax Relief," added Wilson.

“We hope that the Government will recognise Tiga’s case for games tax relief – a case based on the most reliable statistical information available in the UK. Games tax relief will generate additional investment, create jobs and maximise revenue to HM Treasury. The rational, sensible and logical step to take is for the Government to implement Tiga’s Tax Relief.”

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