British video games trade association points to US industry treatment as model example

TIGA: Florida tax breaks prove UK need

UK games industry trade association TIGA has said that the recently passed Florida tax breaks for interactive digital media has “confirmed the imperative” for similar measures to be enacted in Britain.

The Florida breaks, which provide a 20 percent credit for qualifying production expenses, were passed as SB 1752 in the State Legislature.

“The UK games industry wants to compete on a level playing field with games businesses elsewhere in the world. Until we have TIGA’s Games Tax Relief implemented in the UK our video games industry will be at a serious competitive disadvantage,” said TIGA CEO Richard Wilson.

“The UK video games industry is a success story. However, if we want to remain a world leader in this industry and if we want increased investment, more jobs and new IP developed in the UK games industry then the next Parliament and Government must introduce TIGA’s Games Tax Relief as soon as possible,” said CEO of UK studio Finblade John Chasey.

“This will enable the UK video games industry to fulfill its potential and benefit the wider UK economy,” he added.

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