Toby Gard once again moves role at the Tomb Raider studio

Toby Gard becomes Lead Designer at Crystal Dynamics

Toby Gard, the creator of the Tomb Raider series, has once again shifted his role at Crystal Dynamics.

When North Californian developer Crystal Dynamics developed Tomb Raider Legend, Gard was sworn in as a consultant. As the studio moved on to develop Tomb Raider Anniversary – a retrospective on Gard’s previous work – the British-born developer shifted his role to Lead Designer.

With Crystal Dynamics’ third main Tomb Raider title, suffixed Underworld, Gard moved to serve as Cinematic Director.

Now, an unearthed Toby Gard profile on networking site LinkiedIn shows that the industry veteran has is now "leading a design group for an anannounced project".

The revelation closely follows the news that Crystal Dynamics is once again working on a “AAA Project” following a series of layoffs.

Source: D’Toid

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