Tomb Raider creative director Ian Milham leaves to join Outpost Games

The creative director of Tomb Raider, Ian Milham, has left developer Crystal Dynamics to join Outpost Games.

Announced on Twitter, and reported by Videogamer, Milham has left on good terms and that there the next game is coming along well, saying, "don’t infer anything about CD or Tomb Raider based on this, they’ve been awesome and people should be very excited by what’s coming."

Crystal Dynamics are already on the lookout for a replacement, who will surely take over the reigns of the next Tomb Raider game, rumoured to be called Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Milham in the meantime is joining Outpost Games to serve as creative director on a multiplayer survival game called SOS.

Outpost is a team made up of former developers from Visceral Games, where Milham also worked helping with the development of Dead Space. Milham worked at the studio for over ten years as an art director and creative director. That studio was sadly closed by EA yesterday. Milham has over twenty years experience in the industry, also having worked for Lucasarts and Microsoft.

Working with Outpost, his role will be to help establish a world and fiction for SOS as well as establishing the game brand. The game is currently in an alpha state on PC and applications are open for a closed alpha test.

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