'There used to be so many kinds of games, but now all I see is the same kind of game, it's a little sad'

‘Too many games are the same’, says Wada

Too many games are the same and rely on violence, the creator of the Harvest Moon series has claimed.

Speaking to Gamasutra, Yasuhiro Wada said he was saddened by the lack of variety in games, and used the number of violent games on the market as an influence to make something different.

"Thinking differently from other people is one of the themes I have for my life,” he said.

"I wouldn’t deny the violent games out there, but rather, I actually get influenced by them to create something very different.

"Because there are violent games with killing and war, that kind of shapes the identity for what I create. It’s healthy to bring much variety to games. If the only things you see are violent games, then it won’t be any fun," he says.

"There used to be so many kinds of video games, but now I walk around, and all I see is the same kind of game. It’s a little sad."

Wada is currently developing shop simulator Project Happiness for 3DS and mobile at his new studio Toybox.

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