Tools Spotlight: Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Clickteam Fusion has been designed as a development environment for devs to build games and apps with little to no coding.

The engine, available on Steam and through its own website, includes a custom written native runtime for iOS, Android, HTML5, Flash and PC, with Mac support also coming soon.

The tool has been used in a number of titles including indie horror hit Five Nights at Freddy’s, as well as Freedom Planet, Mega City and Knytt Underground.

The latest 2.5 release includes new features such as Box 2D physics, while objects and sprites are now controlled and accessed using a visual frame editing system. The company also recently launched Clickstore for users to buy and sell assets and extensions.

“Anyone from an experienced coder to a complete beginner can pick up the tool and start building their game within 30 minutes,” says Clickteam UK director Simon Pittock.

“Fusion 2.5 is also fantastic for prototyping concepts and visual designs in web, game and app development, publishing and more, allowing you to quickly build proof-of-concept mock-ups and export them to your favourite device.”

Pittock says the tool is aimed at those looking for rapid development and cross-platform compatibility, and is open to all.

“Our intuitive visual approach to programming allows you to focus on the look and style of the game first and bolt it all together afterwards which is an amazing way to learn about programming logic and create amazing games in a fraction of the time it might take otherwise,” he explains.

“Seasoned developers and newcomers alike will find themselves at home with our tools which offer an extensive library of powerful free add-on objects, building on the core functionality.”

In future, the team is adding new web functionality, from tighter Facebook integration and various ad revenue networks to custom web API interfacing and Google Maps support.

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