Intel Developer Blog: Advice for improving memory usage, avoiding Android memory leak and analysing your Android memory consumption

Top tips for improving your Android memory management

If you build a memory-hungry application, it can be difficult to fix if it triggers out-of-memory errors. In a new article on Intel Developer Zone, Bin Zhu encourages Android developers to use memory efficient practices from the outset as they write their Android applications.

He offers ten tips for improving memory usage, five tips for avoiding Android memory leaks, and four tips for analysing your Android memory consumption with DDMS, adb and Eclipse Memory Analyzer Tool (MAT).

Adopting these tips can help you to avoid the nightmare scenario where you’ve finished main programming project but have to take on risky refactoring work to get around memory limitations. Read the article here.

For more help with creating your games, visit Intel Developer Zone Android, which also includes testing services and a new video tutorial series.

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