TRT allege Palmer Luckey broke confidentiality agreement

Total Recall Technologies lawsuit against Oculus dismissed by court

A lawsuit filed against VR company Oculus by Total Recall Technologies (TRT), claiming that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey had breached a contract with them, has been thrown out by a California court.

The lawsuit was given the greenlight back in January, and it alleged that Luckey had breached his contract with TRT by using confidential company information to put together his Oculus Kickstarter. TRT is a rival headset maker, that had attempted to enlist the services of Luckey before he became involved with the Oculus Kickstarter which, when proved successful, led to the creation of the Oculus Rift.

TRT allege that it hired Luckey to build a prototype headset and that he signed a confidentiality agreement before working on a design using information and feedback provided by them 

The court doesn’t seem to see it that way, though, and TRT’s entire lawsuit has now been dismissed with prejudice. This lawsuit comes shortly after the verdict of the Zenimax v Oculus lawsuit which saw Oculus have to pay Zenimax $500m

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