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Training Spotlight: The Gnomon Library

The Gnomon Workshop provides a different kind of schooling for both professional and aspiring game artists.

In essence it offers production-focused training in the form of DVDs and digitally downloadable tutorials. Users can also access the new subscription system, which provides access to its entire library.

“We have tutorials for just about any artist at any level,” says Gnomon Workshop managing director Eric Miller.

“We offer everything from foundational drawing titles to advanced animation and production-based visual effects titles.

"We also offer gaming-specific titles covering everything from concept design, art direction and modelling to texturing, animation and game engine integration.”

Miller explains that studying through the workshop means students can learn at their own pace, studying what they want, when they want, with no classes to attend.

“They can truly choose between following along, step-by-step, with one of many technical titles we offer, or they can choose to just watch one of our amazing instructors at work simply to gain inspiration and learn a few awesome tricks,” he says.

He adds that the training service relies on industry professionals, rather than a staff of resident artists, to generate content.

“It all comes from artists who use these tools and techniques every day,” says Miller.

“They are the experts. They are on the front lines helping to not only develop many of the tools used in the industry today, but developing intelligent ways to use them in production. That’s what it is all about.”

Miller claims that The Gnomon Workshop has a number of relationships in both the game and film industries, with companies using its products in their own training and artist development departments.

“Our most recent update to the platform included a new ‘Studio Edition’ of the product, providing studios with a robust yet flexible management and licensing system,” he states.

“And since all of our instructors are industry professionals who come from many different studios, they are able to share their working expertise with aspiring artists as well as other industry pros.”

Over the next few years, Miller says the Gnomon Workshop plans to continue producing training titles, search out ‘amazing’ artists and build more relationships with studio creatives and training departments in the industry to guarantee it can carry on delivering easily accessible education to apiring developers and seasoned professionals alike.

“As we continue to add training content to our library, we are also focused on expanding our range of titles. We are, and have always been, focused on providing the best professional training content in the industry,” he explains.

“We are also mindful that a strong set of foundational skills is required for any production artist.

"The Gnomon Workshop will remain focused on providing the widest range of lessons from the industry’s very best artists and continue to build on our already awesome library of content.”

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