â??Thereâ??s so many ideas that we havenâ??t implemented yetâ?, says studio head

Treyarch â??not empty on ideasâ?? for future CoD

Treyarch says it has the creative resources to build more and more Call of Duty games without the series stagnating.

With Activision’s business strategy of publishing at least one new Call of Duty game each year, franchise stagnation is likely a genuine concern for the studios and execs involved.

Yet when approached on the subject, Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia told Develop he had faith his team can run and run with the series.

“You should see our editing-room floor,” he said, “it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger as we develop the game. There’s so many ideas that we haven’t implemented yet, so we’re not out of ideas, but it’s all about execution.”

He added: “I could probably spend a whole afternoon with you guys and we would come up with all sorts of new ideas for these kinds of games.

“But it’s all about getting a team that’s excited and passionate, and is willing to implement ideas at the level we want.

“It’s hard. I’m not going to kid you, these guys work so hard.”

Treyarch recently repositioned itself as a studio which solely develops Call of Duty titles – a revelation only brought to light in the past week.

“We’re committed. We’re committed in a way that’s pretty uncompromising and we’re very critical of ourselves right now,” added Lamia, “and we’re not so concerned with what’s coming from the outside”.

The full interview with Develop can be found here

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