Though the Call of Duty: Black Ops studio admits the situation at Activision is 'unfortunate'

Treyarch ‘not distracted’ by Infinity Ward row

In an exclusive interview with MCV, Treyarch exec Josh Olin commented on the recent drama surrounding Call of Duty creator Infinity Ward – its founders were ousted by Activision amidst claims they were colluding with rival publishers.

Those two founders have since signed a publishing deal with EA – and many other staff have left IW at the same time.

“The situation at Infinity Ward is unfortunate,” commented Olin. “It’s just not something that we want to let distract us or that we really think about too much.

“We’re still focused on our primary charge – to make the best game we possible can – so we’re keeping our heads down and staying focused.

“We’re really sprinting towards that finish line of November 9th.”

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