Spry Fox wins ownership of Yeti Town IP from 6Waves

Triple Town cloning suit settled

The legal controversy surrounding Spry Fox’s Triple Town and 6Waves Lolapps’s Yeti Town came to a close last week in an out of court settlement.

The row began when David Edry, CEO of Spry Fox, called Yeti Town a "blatant copy" of Triple Town, and claimed to have been in talks with 6Waves about a publishing deal until the day Yeti Town went live.

Though details of the settlement remain confidential, Edry has confirmed the deal awards ownership of the Yeti Town IP to Spry Fox.

"As far as why they settled, the court’s ruling on 6Waves’ motion to dismiss was certainly a big factor," Jack C. Schecter, Partner at law firm Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers LLP, told Game Politics.

"When the court squarely rejected that argument, 6Waves didn’t have a whole lot to fall back on."

"Besides, from what was alleged in the complaint, 6Waves was dealing with some bad facts," he continued.

"Setting aside the legal merits of Spry Fox’s copyright claims, it seems like 6Waves was engaged in some sharp dealing, agreeing to develop an iOS port of Triple Town for Spry Fox while simultaneously developing its own Yeti Town clone and then beating Spry Fox to the punch in launching that clone in the App Store."

"Given that set of facts, I’m not at all surprised that 6Waves settled the case after its motion to dismiss was denied and it started to look much more likely that Spry Fox would be allowed to tell its story to a jury."

Edry called the settlement amicable, and said Spry fox was glad to be able to devote 100 percent effort to its upcoming titles.

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