DImension Drive surpasses €30,000 target with 13 days to go

Trolled Kickstarter achieves funding at second attempt

2Awesome Studio’s second attempt at crowdfunding sci-fi shooter Dimension Drive has been met with success.

Despite seemingly coming close during its previous attempt at raising funds, the studio’s hopes were snatched away from them with just 30 minutes to go after a fraudulent donation of €7,000 was reversed. The team had been livestreaming the final hours of their Kickstarter campaign at the time.

The team came back from the setback however and launched a second crowdfunding campaign for the project. This has now surpassed its target of €30,000 with 13 days still left to go.

“We could not have done this without your help and never will thank you enough for all your support,” read a statement from the developer after achieving its funding goal.

A number of stretch goals have now been added, including a boss mode – which has now been unlocked – a horde mode and 2 player co-op and PVP.

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