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Most professionals will have asked this question before: How on earth can you expect me to have experience if no one offers me a job?

Usually, of course, people tend to pepper that question with a symphony of expletives. Trying to break into the games industry can be a soul-destroying, patience-testing full-time job that pays nothing. Everyone who made it through, of course, have been in your shoes.

Develop will try to help. We’ve trawled through all the Develop Jobs postings, checked through our sponsors’ websites, and have listed below all the opportunities that in no way include the words ‘senior’, ‘experienced’ or ‘lead’.

Good luck.

Asobo, France

A number of job offers on at the moment, and four newly-posted positions are all marked ‘trainee’: Game designer, Sound designer, Assistant producer and 3D Animator.

The studio’s best known for its work on the highly ambitious racing game Fuel, published by Codemasters. They also do a lot of contract jobs for Disney, specifically Pixar games. The studio’s next project is confidential, but its looking for a lot of top talent there.

Flashy website here

Black Rock, UK

The Brighton-based studio, owned by Disney, recently went on a recruitment drive following the release of its widely applauded racer Split/Second.

The studio says it’s always looking for outstanding graduates, so you’ll most certainly need a good degree or post grad qualification in a relevant subject to grab thier attention.

Check out their jobs page here, and send an email to to get noticed.

Trinigy, Germany

The game engine vendor’s looking for a lot of staff at the moment, but one we found for you was a software engineer internship in Stuttgart. It’s a wide ranging software engineer role, which “may include anything from developing and extending technology samples and demos to enhancing our automated test and build systems”. You’ll need to know your way around C++, and a solid knowledge of 3D graphics and maths.

Email if you’re interested, and you can peruse their other jobs here.

Trinigy boss whose boss Felix Roeken wrote a great opinion piece on the state of the middleware industry here. Might be a good conversation opener if you get to interview.

How about starting out as a games tester?

It’s a tough job, but then again it’s one that hundreds of developers started on. Develop’s tester jobs can be found here, and QA/localisation jobs can be found here


We’ll be updating this page if any new trainee jobs come through over the next week. Make sure you check out Develop’s Jobs Page as well, never know what will come in.

Also, we’ve got a jobs Twitter feed here.

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