Ubisoft Sam, a ‘personal gaming assistant’, is currently beta testing in Canada

Ubisoft has announced a new addition to its Club Ubisoft mobile app. The chatbot, named Sam, is intended to be an easy way for players of Ubisoft games to check in on game releases and news via a Siri-style voice interface, alongside standard text entry. Perhaps more interestingly, however, the app can be linked to your Ubisoft account and keep track of your in-game stats and activities.

Sam seems to be a great way of removing friction from interacting with Ubisoft’s overall metagame, with challenges, stats and friend activity all being easily accessible from the AI’s chat interface. Going one step further, however, Ubisoft is beta testing integration with Rainbow Six Siege that allows the app to send personalised notifications to players whenever they start playing the game.

Examples of this could be giving you optional challenges to complete, or showing you community created content that could give you a leg up on the competition. Tips and tricks for maps you’re having trouble with, or perhaps something a little less useful but a little more entertaining. This content will be curated by Ubisoft’s community managers, but can be rated up or down by users. It will be a constantly learning service that over time will figure out what people will want to see and when.

This seems to be a great way of rewarding content creators on Twitch and YouTube, who produce an immense amount of footage, tutorial and insight around Ubisoft titles and which might otherwise get lost in the shuffle. A symbiotic relationship between publisher and fans that allows community content to find its way directly to players without being sought out through YouTube search algorithms or granular game forums. Ubisoft Sam is currently in beta and only available in Canada, but the publisher will be rolling it out across the globe shortly.

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