Ubisoft have to design titles that appeal to both hardcore and casual gamers

Ubisoft targeting mobile gaming session lengths for the Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft has revealed that it is designing its Nintendo Switch titles with a mobile audience in mind, at least when it comes to session lengths.

Xavier Poix, the managing director of Ubisoft’s French studios, has said in an interview with Polygon that the games giant is changing its design philosophy when it comes to Nintendo’s latest bit of kit.

"We are thinking that if Nintendo’s philosophy is really to gather those two worlds, if adult players and console players could be the same community, then what’s the best user journey of one player that would own the Switch?" he said in the interview. "Not necessarily only with the Switch mind you, but we tried to consider this in the way our upcoming games are being designed. We thought about the time needed for a play session in this game to fit the experience of a handheld."

He mentioned that if the two groups of mobile and hardcore gamers could be merged into a single market, Ubisoft will have to design titles that appeal to both.

"When you are playing a game, an adult console game or mobile game for instance, you are spending less time than you then when you are at home in front of your TV for hours."

I’m not entirely sure is meant by the term "adult console game", but it seems that the Switch is mixing up how Ubisoft are designing their titles in the run up to the Switch’s big announcement in January.

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