Crowd population tools added to Epic tech as part of Integrated Partners Program

UE3 adds Grip’s DES Engine

Montreal studio Grip Entertainment has had its Digital Extra System added to Unreal Engine 3 as part of Epic’s Integrated Partners Program.

Grip’s DES system, which enables developers to adds crowds of ‘extras’ to their games, gives UE3 new tools that allow for rapid population of scenes, reports Gamasutra.

"The streamlined flow of AI assets from GRIP into Unreal Engine 3 helps our licensees more easily populate game worlds with believable human and crowd behavior," said Epic president Dr. Michael Capps to the website.

"Developers aren’t the only ones who benefit from great tools. Shortening the time spent honing the execution of AI lets developers spend more time polishing their games to improve the final product."

Previously the Grip DES system has been used in a trailer for Army of Two: The 40th Day.

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