Upcoming PS3, PC and 360 game Rogue Warrior has added Kynogon's Kynapse AI middleware to a toolbase that already includes Unreal Engine 3, publisher Bethesda has announced.

UE3 and Bethesda deal for Kynogon

The shooter is being developed by Zombie Studios.

“A major reason for selecting Kynapse was its seamless integration within the Unreal 3 Engine,” said Todd Vaughn, VP of Development at Bethesda Softworks.

“Our development team was able to leverage Kynapse full set of functionalities and tools very quickly. We can generate automatically Kynapse streamable hierarchical AI data directly within the Unreal Editor. The use of Kynapse pathfinding is transparent and Kynapse low level AI perfectly complements our advanced high level AI.”

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