Ukie sets out post-Brexit necessities to MPs and hits back on recent news reporting around Fortnite

Dr Jo Twist, CEo of trade body Ukie last night said in no uncertain terms what the industry needs to continue its current growth post-Brexit.

“We won’t be able to deliver on the promise is a modern 21st century economy beyond our exit from the Eu unless we are guaranteed a friction free, agile, smart flexible immigration system, free flows of data, cultural support and access to markets.”

Twist was speaking at last night’s Ukie Summer Westminster Reception, where leading figures in the industry gathered, to meet with the Minister for Digital and Creative Industries, Margot James, as well as members of her department and MPs and their staff.

The Minister, speaking later, assured the industry that her and her team were “doing everything possible” to secure a favourable deal for games and the wider creative industries.

Twist noted that “the UK makes world-class, record-breaking content that is loved, played, and is the envy of the world. We need you, friends in parliament, to make sure we can continue doing that.”

She then announced a “national tour” in order to consult with the industry across the country and create “a new strategy for growth” from which recommendations will be made to government.

Twist then moved onto the recent press furore around gaming, first centered on loot boxes and more recently concerning children playing Fortnite. “The irresponsible misreporting of these issue has been most disappointing,” she stated.

“But we should not get carried away with clickbait news, We should not fear this. We should not and do not retreat from these arguments or criticisms because we care deeply about our players. But we do like facts and nuance – something too often missed by the media.”

Ukie plans to launch a ”positive games campaign” in response to the attacks from the mainstream press. “Over the next 12 months we drown out negative noise with the positive benefits of games to people and society and what the future can offer.”

And she pointed out that the attention is an inevitable result of great success: “All of this attention is because we are a maturing, global industry who success commercially and creatively is unparalleled.”

Before slamming the industry’s critics as being out of date: “If we want to be at the heart of the cultural and innovation conversation then we’re going to get more attention like this from those who still live in the 20th Century.” 

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